Across the country, folks of every stripe are fighting for justice reform. The Just Trust funds their fight.

An issue that spans state and party lines.

The vast majority of Americans support criminal justice reforms. We’re in that camp, too. The current state is simply too much: too big, too costly, overly punitive and deeply inequitable.

We all want and deserve to feel safe.

We need to shrink the system and build a more just and compassionate engine of public safety. Today 1 in 2 American adults have a family member that is or has been incarcerated. And our communities aren’t even safer for it. We demand better.

The Just Trust is a team of funders, directly impacted people, and allies accelerating momentum for justice reform. For good.

We want to make sure that progress doesn’t slip, slow down, or get sidelined. By investing in leaders’ and organizations’ sharpest efforts to change hearts, minds, and laws, we can help transform their efforts into big, systemic wins—state-by-state and across the nation.

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We support leaders and organizations transforming the system in these four ways:

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Shrink the footprint of the system.
Further alternatives to address harm.
Uphold human dignity and grace.
Center safety and prevention.

From the mountains of West Virginia to the coasts of California—we invest in advocates that know how to navigate the nuances of reform on their home fronts. We’re backing their efforts for durable transformation—embracing wins and shouldering losses, no matter how big or small.

These are just a few of the people who inspire us to come to work every day. They live the values of The Just Trust, inside and out, showing us and the broader movement what’s possible when we center lived experience, collaborate to drive momentum, and lead with dignity and humanity.

We listen, then take action. Thanks to the justice leaders who worked alongside us to shape our strategic priorities.

Our process brings in different voices from the field to co-design and hold us accountable to lasting change. Learn more about these justice leaders and how they helped us shape and build The Just Trust.

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