Powering leaders across the nation, with a focus on state-based activities

The path toward transformation looks different in California than it does in Mississippi than it does in Utah. We invest in localized strategies, directly impacted leaders, and nonprofits—amplifying their know-how to create stronger advocacy ecosystems from the bottom-up.

Nimbly deploying a mix of 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 funding

The majority of real, measurable change in justice reform comes from advancing policy and practice together. We combine a unique mix of c3 and c4 funding to provide holistic support—moving resources into the hands of advocates, allies, and leaders faster and as needs arise.

An initial commitment of $350M. And that’s just the start.

We know the pathway to progress is often nonlinear. Wins aren’t always apparent or easy to measure. The Hollywood-ending moments, the quieter triumphs, and the lessons in disguise are all progress in our book. We fight for the biggest thing we can—without letting perfect be the enemy of good. Explore our goals and areas of work to see how your advocacy might align with our grantmaking.

Funding priorities that map to the progress we want to see:

Shrink the footprint of the system.
The grounds for stop, arrest, conviction, and incarceration are broad and biased. A smaller criminal justice system means: less criminalization, shorter sentences, and fewer people on supervision for less time.
Further alternatives to address harm.
The way we’ve historically addressed crime and violence has lacked accountability, humanity, and frankly, creativity. Let's expand bold, community-centered models to restore relationships and hold each other accountable when there's been harm.
Uphold human dignity and grace.
Our justice system must be humane. Full stop. From the moment someone comes into contact with the system to well after they come home, people deserve to be embraced as neighbors, colleagues, and citizens. This is especially true for communities who have been most impacted by the cycles of harm our system perpetuates.
Center safety and prevention.
Today’s system is punitive and reactive. It steps in only when something bad happens, and often before giving people a chance to thrive. Communities are defining and demanding what really creates safety and prevents crime in the first place: jobs, housing, health, and education. We support advocates that are working with their communities to find solutions that strengthen the foundations for wellbeing.
The activities that we invest in.
Advocacy Infrastructure

We fund justice reform organizations and their day-to-day operations at the state and national level—with a focus on impacted leaders and state-based activities.

Campaign Moments

We invest in key advocacy moments—from public education to ballot measures— with bounded timeline and goals.

Media & Narrative Projects

We invest in news media infrastructure and narrative work that helps elevate justice reform and shifts the way we talk and think about the system.

Justice Alternatives

We support community-centered models for justice that prevent crime, repair harm, and strengthen communities.

Partnership & Coordination

We help create inroads and weave connections between funders, decision makers, and experts to channel resources, expertise, and ultimately maximize impact.

Rapid Response

We’re here to fund you in a critical moment of crisis or opportunity.

Are you advancing justice reform in your work? Let us know what you’re up to.

This is an open call to all the stubborn optimists who won’t take no for an answer, believe change is possible, and know the ins-and-outs of the system wherever they live. Tell us about your work, so we can keep you top of mind for future funding opportunities.

Please note that submitting this form is not a guarantee of funding. We want to get familiar with your work and if funding is available and priorities are aligned we will contact you to submit a proposal. Thank you!

Which of the following priorities align with your work? (Select all that apply)
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